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Monday’s Cyber ​​- one of the year’s biggest online stores - is closer, protection from cyber attacks is more important than ever. As the number of online stores and “connected” devices (including Internet features) grows, cyber attacks are on the rise. That’s why it’s important to stay up-to-date and vigilant as you read and learn more about shopping and cybersecurity this Black Friday and Cyber ​​Friday.


Common ways to protect yourself


Wi-Fi social networks are known to be dangerous, and Wi-Fi attacks can occur on any public Wi-Fi network on a device that can connect to the Internet. Wi-Fi can be harmful in many ways; Hackers can gain personal information when you connect to dangerous social networks, and even set up fake Wi-Fi networks to collect your personal information. When you meet a lot of people on vacation, at the airport, or in a mall, it’s important to protect yourself from foreign networks to keep your information safe.


How to protect yourself: The best way to protect yourself over a Wi-Fi connection is to use a VPN or a separate network. A VPN is set up to protect your Internet connection and prevent fraud or viewers from viewing your information. VPN enables better security over a Wi-Fi connection whenever it's connected to a network, and prevents attackers from accessing your sensitive information. Want to shop and secure online?


Phishing is when attackers compare themselves to big business in an attempt to get valuable information from people. Phishing attacks take the form of emails or other communications and, because of their simplicity, are the most common forms of scam. During the holidays, the attackers often appear as business victims and entice with deceptive advertising or propaganda.


Security Mode If you are unsure about the security of your connection, right-click the link, select Copy Link, and paste it into a new tab. Before proceeding, check the URL for typos and make sure the URL starts with HTTPS, which indicates a secure connection. Start shopping safely online.


Clickbait is often associated with promotional articles. During the holidays, clickbaits can be compared to phishing when the source appears commercially and uses fake credentials or a sales link to VyprVPN coupon code 2020 confuse the victim. Often this happens on social networks. According to Adobe Digital Insights, 56% of consumers who use social media say they use social media to find new gift ideas - which means they are at high risk for this scam.


If a company can’t protect you, check the company’s reviews before visiting their website.


Protect your privacy whenever you are connected


The security breach has broken the report, and for the first time, customers are visiting the mall on a mobile device via a desktop. Whether you’re shopping online during the holidays - or at any time of the year - it’s important to equip yourself with safety gear. This tool not only gives you peace of mind but also protects your information. VypVPN protects you with shopping and other online activities - get VypVPN now or give your family and friends a security gift!